Stormwater Management

Nowadays, it’s common for municipalities to have outlines on stormwater management standards and what they require when it comes to large-scale landscape projects. Without the right expertise, a landscaper could accidentally design a job that works against the land instead of with it. The homeowners might notice water isn’t being properly guided away from the home, which can erode the land over time. Luckily, there are many types of systems and strategies that work, and each case is unique.

We evaluate your property by asking questions like: Where is the water pooling? Are there signs of erosion? Which areas are contributing to the runoff?

Some solutions include:

  • Stormwater containment and reuse systems. These involve underground tanks and drainage systems tied into those tanks. They’re barely visible above ground, which some homeowners prefer, so they can use their entire property without the need for large rain garden areas. Each system is individually designed and engineered for the property’s unique needs. If requested, the system can reuse rainwater to irrigate lawns and provide storage for unused water, which makes them an environmentally friendly option.
  • Rain garden. These are a common practice in landscaping and often require a large area of land. Depending on the aesthetic they like, homeowners may see this addition as an eye sore if they prefer a manicured, clean-looking landscape. Rain gardens can require soil remediation as well but are commonly the cheapest solution as long as there is enough space to install them.
  • Drywell stormwater containment systems. These are similar to the reuse containment systems but do not hold the water for reuse. They’re designed to guide stormwater surface runoff and allow it to infiltrate back into the earth underground. The drainage system that we design will drain into these infiltration drywells.  These are often the best solution for people who need stormwater management but do not have the surface space to do rain gardens and do not want the expense of a full reuse system. The only thing that is visible in these systems is a 24” cap at the ground level.

The stormwater management system you choose is determined by the project size, the municipality, and the total amount of runoff determined by an engineer. These systems and the permitting involved often takes many months to complete, and it requires an expert hand to ensure a correct installation.

Outdoor Innovations has you covered on all fronts: we’re experts in landscape and stormwater management installation. We’re located in the Twin Cities metro and have completed large-scale projects in cities like Edina, Eden Prairie, and Eagan.


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