Stormwater Management

Stormwater management for functional luxury outdoor design

Professional Stormwater Management Systems

In order to maintain your luxurious outdoor retreat, having behind the scenes water management addressed is crucial. Work with Outdoor Innovations for customized solutions on all your water drainage issues.

  • Sleek, hidden water draining designs for easy outdoor living
  • Environmentally friendly water management designs and builds
  • Certified contractors with more than 15 years improving water drainage

Stormwater Management Plans Ideal for Your Backyard

When planning your backyard renovation, every detail about the size, structure, slope, and soil of your yard has to be considered. From retaining walls to properly placed patios, all aspects of your personal design should not only look gorgeous but should function precisely.

Stormwater management is one of those details that has to be thoroughly controlled so snowmelt or excess rain runs away from your property and doesn’t flood your outdoor living room or your home.

Outdoor Innovations has years of experience constructing the kinds of large-scale water management systems that protect buildings, lawns, and all of your outdoor living essentials.

Rain Gardens

A rain garden’s purpose is to catch snowmelt and rainwater runoff from hard surfaces, like hardscaping, driveways, walkways, and roofs. By planting the garden in a low area, the excess water can collect and soak into the ground slowly, preventing flooding.

Rain gardens are ideally suited for homeowners who have larger spaces to devote to their gardens and who like the idea of establishing a dedicated patch of land for native Minnesota plants to grow. Once set up, your rain garden won’t require much maintenance, and the plants themselves will prevent soil erosion.

Drywell Stormwater Containment Systems

If a rain garden doesn’t suit your yard or style, a drywell system might be a better solution for your water management needs. These systems are buried under your property in strategic locations to collect and guide surface runoff back into the ground.

With only a 24-inch cap visible at ground level, these modern systems unobtrusively divert excess water away from your property, leaving it clear for all outdoor living designs.

Stormwater Containment & Reuse Systems

Similar to the drywell system, these tanks are buried underground, and your property’s drainage system guides water directly to them. What makes these systems special, however, is their ability to store water.

By connecting these collection tanks to an irrigation system, you have the capability to reuse that water for your own lawn or landscaping. That makes these systems some of the most eco-friendly ways to keep your lawn green all summer long!

High-End Living Made Right With Outdoor Innovations

What happens behind the scenes in your outdoor living design is what keeps it looking fresh and fabulous for years! With our team of water management experts, your incredible outdoor kitchen, outdoor living spaces, and custom pool area will never have to face problematic flooding.

Contact our team today to discuss your dreams for a backyard paradise, and check out our gallery to discover all the ways our pros can transform your property from blah to oh-la-la!


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