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13 Outdoor Kitchen Necessities
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13 Outdoor Kitchen Necessities

Do you want to take grilling to the next level? How about building a complete outdoor kitchen? Enjoy the outdoors and impress your friends with your amazing cooking skills while hanging out on your patio or while your guests take advantage of your fabulous swimming pool

But if you’re going to build an outdoor kitchen, what do you need to have? 

Outdoor Innovations can answer that question for you! We’ve compiled this list of outdoor kitchen necessities to include in your outdoor grilling, cooking, and entertaining space. 

1. Outdoor Grill

This is the obvious choice, but you must decide if you want a gas or charcoal grill. There are many to choose from, so do some research into the features you want from your grill, like temperature gages, tool hooks, extra shelves, and more. 

Make sure you select a large enough grill to handle the volume of food you intend to prepare. When your home is the go-to place for summer celebrations and cookouts, you have to plan ahead! 

2. Vent Hoods & Panels

If your grill is under a covered patio, consider adding a vent hood or panel to ensure your fumes are redirected away from your friends hanging out on the patio with you. 

Ensure a seamless outdoor culinary experience by recognizing the pivotal role of vent hoods and panels in your outdoor kitchen, safeguarding against smoke buildup and ensuring optimal airflow for a comfortable and enjoyable cooking environment.

3. Mini or Compact Fridge

Keep all your prep work cool, contained, and within reach with a built-in mini fridge nestled into your outdoor kitchen design. Convenience and functionality are at your fingertips with this indispensable addition! 

With a fridge near your grill, you can keep your meat and other food fresh until you’re ready to cook AND keep your favorite beverages cool without the hassle of rolling around a cooler. 

Plus, you’ll instantly upgrade your outdoor entertaining. When you have company, it’s easier to entertain while cooking by providing your guests easy access to chilled beverages. 

Cheers to culinary adventures with friends under the open sky!

4. Trash Bin

It’s the forgotten convenience, but you’ll need a place for waste in your outdoor space. Include a trash bin or build a specialty cabinet to make cleaning up easy. 

Just don’t forget to empty it at the end of the day. Otherwise, you might get some furry friends visiting your kitchen! 

5. Kitchen & Grill Accessories

You can’t flip a burger or a steak without tongs or a spatula! Elevate your outdoor cooking experience by discovering the perfect blend of kitchen and grill accessories tailored to complement your outdoor kitchen, ensuring every culinary creation is infused with flavor and flair.

Equip your outdoor kitchen with essential kitchen tools, such as: 

  • Heavy-duty utensils (spatula, tongs)

  • Drip pans 

  • Cutting board with prep trays

  • Grill thermometer

  • Knives

  • Skewers

  • Oven mitts

You also need your essential grill accessories to keep your grill clean, like: 

  • Grill brush for cleaning

  • Grill cover for protection 

  • Grill cleaner and degreaser

6. Pizza Oven

Is there anything better than a fresh, fire-roasted pizza? Only if you make it in your own backyard! 

Customize a pizza oven as part of your fireplace or as a free-standing part of your outdoor kitchen design, and craft your own pizza experiments. It’s a fun way to entertain people of all ages while accommodating dietary requirements, allowing each person to create their own winning pizza topping combo.

Can you imagine the freshly baked pizzas straight from your very own outdoor pizza oven? Transform your backyard into a culinary paradise with the aromatic allure, where every slice is imbued with the rustic charm of al fresco dining.

7. Kegerator

If you’re a beer lover, include a kegerator in your outdoor kitchen. Kegerators can be built into your outdoor kitchen counters, keeping them out of the way and protected from the weather. 

You can fill it with all kinds of craft beer and keep it fresh and cool for when you’re ready to party. 

8. Patio Dining Sets

Once the food is ready, where are you going to sit? Ensure your outdoor kitchen has adequate seating and table space for everyone to enjoy your home-cooked meal. Your patio dining set can include enough chairs for the whole family and an umbrella to provide some shade. 

If you want to skip the umbrella, you can always opt to build a pergola or gazebo for shade. 

9. Fire Pit

Finish the night with s’mores and good conversation while sitting around a fire from your custom stone fire pit. Or enjoy the night air as it cools off in the fall without getting too chilly. 

As functional outdoor decoration goes, a fire pit is one of the most versatile! 

You can build a stone fire pit right into your patio or opt for a moveable fit pit if you want to change up your fire location. Just be sure to keep a hose or bucket of water on hand should you need it. 

10. Outdoor Refrigerator

Outdoor refrigerators are a convenient place to store your beverages, snacks, and prepped foods for the grill. The nice thing about keeping some of your items outside is to reduce the number of times people go in and out of the house. 

Plus, with everything on hand, you won’t have to miss a moment of the party to grab another drink!

11. Outdoor Sink

When designing your outdoor kitchen, be sure to include an outdoor sink. Instead of hauling everything inside after the party, you can clean up where the party is. Plus, if you’re handling raw meat at the grill, you’ll need a place with soap and water to wash your hands. 

When choosing a faucet and sink, be sure to choose heavy-duty ones to withstand the weather and opt for features like built-in soap dispensers. 

12. Bar Cart or Stationary Bar

Keeping your adult beverages handy during a party is a great way to keep the fun going. You can achieve this by keeping a bar cart stocked with your favorite spirits and mixers or by building a stationary bar on your patio. 

Bar carts are great if you plan to move the party around or if you want to bring it inside at night. Stationary bars can keep your alcohol more secure, particularly if you have children around, by adding locks or childproofing to cabinet doors. 

13. Outdoor Lighting

When designing your patio and outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to include lighting! There are plenty of lighting styles you can install around your patio to light it up after the sun goes down. 

Some popular choices include: 

  • Lanterns

  • String lights with Edison bulbs

  • Solar-powered lights

  • Directional lighting to preserve the night sky

  • Floodlights for maximum lighting

  • Stair lighting & path lighting

Each of these styles can keep your patio lit up and can help avoid trip and fall accidents. 

Bring Luxury Living to Your Minnesota Backyard

If you have hostess vibes, truly enjoy entertaining, and want to impress your guests, contact Outdoor Innovations to build you a brand-new luxury backyard oasis, complete with a full kitchen. We can install custom kitchen elements along with your chosen appliances so you can flex your culinary skills while the sun is shining! 

Call Outdoor Innovations today at 651-983-1976, use our chat feature on our website, or send us a message to get your free quote today!

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