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How to Prepare Your Minnesota Patio for Summer
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How to Prepare Your Minnesota Patio for Summer

After a long winter, your Minnesota patio needs some TLC. Snow, dirt, and fallen leaves accumulate on your patio and can turn it into a mess. Sprucing up your patio after the snow melts requires cleaning, organizing, and adding new elements to make it a cozy and relaxing place. 

Learn how to prepare your patio for summer with this guide by Outdoor Innovations. 

Clean & Inspect Your Patio

After the snow melts and is gone for good, it’s time to clean and inspect your patio. Use a broom or leaf blower to remove any loose debris. 

If you have a stone or concrete patio, you can use a power washer to remove caked-on dirt and stains. You can also use this time to inspect your patio for cracks or other damage it may have sustained over the winter. 

If your patio furniture was left out over the winter months, inspect it for damage or signs of wear. You can clean and repair them as needed. 

Repair & Maintain Your Patio

If your patio is stone or tile, check for missing or loose pieces and repair them. Taking care of damage right away is the best way to keep your patio looking great all summer long. 

Keep a broom or leaf blower handy to remove debris that accumulates during the summer months. 

Prepare for Mosquitos & Bugs

If you have screens around your patio, you can hang them or install new ones to help keep bugs out. Place citronella candles or plants around your patio to help repel mosquitos so you can enjoy your patio in the evenings. 

Check & Clean Outdoor Accessories

Your outdoor accessories like grills or BBQ equipment need to be cleaned and inspected before use. Clean your grill thoroughly and check for needed repairs. If you have decor outside, like lanterns, statues, or other decorative items, you can clean these with mild soap and water. 

If you have an outdoor bar, make sure you clean it, including any appliances you may have installed. 

Upgrade Furniture If Needed

If winter was especially harsh on outdoor furniture, consider upgrading to newer or more sturdy furniture. Make sure all your furniture is comfortable and in good condition. 

If your patio lacks shade, you can install an awning, umbrella, pergola, or sunshade. 

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

After your patio is clean and organized, you can add special touches to make it a cozy atmosphere. Install outdoor lighting like string lights, tiki torches, lanterns, or solar-powered garden lights. Add plants or hanging baskets to add a little greenery to your patio. 

You can also keep outdoor blankets and pillows handy to make your patio more comfortable and enjoyable, even if it's a little chilly outside. Include a fire pit for additional warmth and enjoyment. 

Upgrade Your Minnesota Patio Before Summer 2024

At Outdoor Innovations, we believe in luxury. Our team is comprised of certified general and hardscape contractors, designers, and builders who have many years of experience developing luxury outdoor living spaces

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing patio or install a new one, we can help you create a custom and beautiful patio. Check out our gallery for previous projects and inspiration. 

Give us a call today at 651-983-1976 or contact us online for more information! 

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