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Fire Pit Accessories: Light the Night
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Fire Pit Accessories: Light the Night

The beauty of fire pits in Minnesota is that they are usable for most of the year. Cool springs make way for summer breezes, which fade to crisp autumn. You can even have a fire in the winter if you layer up! 

But no fire pit is complete without proper accessories to create just the right atmosphere for any type of party you’re throwing!  With help from Outdoor Innovations, we’ll make sure your backyard and fire pit are the only place you, your friends, and family want to be in every season! 

Create a Campfire Circle

One essential fire pit accessory includes chairs! To ensure your friends are comfortable, mix and match outdoor furniture and chairs for places to sit and enjoy the ambiance. You can include camp-style chairs, benches, outdoor sofas, or Adirondack chairs. 

Turn your fit pit into an outdoor living room. With proper seating, your fire pit will be the best place to gather, swap stories, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the outdoors. 

Make It Cozy

If the heat from the fire pit isn’t quite enough, keep a few blankets around to help keep out the evening chill. You can also include outdoor pillows and rugs to make the whole experience more inviting, warm, and comfy. 

Make sure you use weather-resistant materials or pack your blankets and pillows away when you’re not using them to keep them in good condition. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

Amp up the ambiance around your fit pit with outdoor lighting. You can add string lights around the area, which can give off a magical, whimsical feeling. Party string lights, which can be white, yellow, or color-changing, are very popular for outdoor seating areas. 

Naked “Edison bulbs” are also on trend for lighting up an outdoor space. Or, try putting out electric candles or lanterns around the seating area to provide additional lighting.

Dial Up the Music 

Depending on the mood you’re trying to set, add music to your outdoor fire pit to create a fun, lively atmosphere or a chill, relaxing mood. Use a portable Bluetooth speaker or install speakers on the exterior of your home, throughout your outdoor living space, or even next to the fire pit to pipe in the tunes.

Luxury Libations

Another way to accessorize your fire pit area is to create an outdoor bar. Outdoor bars can house your favorite drinks for adults and kids and include a sink for washing up afterward. Why go out when you can enjoy your own creations by the light of a fire? Plus, you can work on your mixology skills!


Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With Outdoor Innovations

Your backyard is your retreat; there’s no reason to neglect it. By working with Outdoor Innovations, we can help you create an outdoor living space that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. From outdoor bars and kitchens to fire pits and swimming pools, Outdoor Innovations can level up your backyard oasis. You’ll never want to go inside again! 

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