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What Affects the Cost of an Inground Pool?
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What Affects the Cost of an Inground Pool?

It is exciting to decide to build an inground pool. You can spend summertime outdoors, sitting on a floaty, sipping your favorite drink. You can host pool parties and water polo tournaments! Or perfect your dive!

However, knowing what goes into the cost of building an inground pool before you start is essential. With a company like Outdoor Innovations on your side, we use these factors to give you the most accurate quote for an inground pool. This helps keep communication transparent and reduces the need for extra or unexpected costs down the road.

This handy guide will help you understand the factors that go into the cost of constructing an inground pool.

Site Conditions

Part of the cost of your inground pool will be the type of yard and soil your backyard has. The condition of the site can impact the cost, like if the ground is very rocky. Challenging terrain can require more excavating equipment, which increases labor and machinery costs.

Access to the Site

The machinery used to dig out the hole for the pool needs to have access to your backyard. Having a large yard with space for large excavators to move around is helpful. However, if you have a tight space, it might require different machinery, which can contribute to the cost.

Excavation and Grading

Additionally, making sure the ground is level is essential. The excavation's extent depends on the pool's size, shape, and your yard’s soil conditions. Deeper or more extensive excavating can increase costs. So, if you want a 12-foot deep end, it will cost more.

Pool Size and Shape

Larger pools tend to cost more than smaller pools due to the increased machinery and excavation involved in carving out the hole. Unusual shapes or custom designs can increase costs, too.

Type of Pool

There are many different kinds of inground pools, including vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Vinyl pools are more budget-friendly, and concrete pools can be more expensive. They also have different maintenance needs, so research which type of pool is best for you.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

When the pool is complete, the subsequent landscaping and hardscaping around the pool will factor into the cost. While it may cost more to do extensive hardscaping, the final product will be more enjoyable and long-lasting.

Pool Equipment

Pools have a lot of equipment included in their build, which can also come in various qualities. Equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and automation systems can influence the costs. Energy-efficient or advanced technology may add to the initial expense but reduce costs later.

Permits and Regulations

There are different permits and regulations involved depending on your city or area. You must comply with the local regulations; otherwise, you could get into trouble or have to remove the pool you just installed. Pulling permits and checking regulations can increase costs, but it is necessary to avoid problems.

Climate Considerations

Locations like Minnesota get very cold in the winter, so your pool may require an additional feature, such as freeze protection and additional prep for winter. This will add to the overall cost initially but help prevent problems that can cost thousands to fix later.

Get a Free Quote for Your Inground Pool from Outdoor Innovations

Outdoor Innovations, serving the Twin Cities metro area, will provide a free quote for your inground pool project! We strive to have transparent pricing and ensure that you understand the quote and costs before we dive into the construction.

Call us today at 651-983-1976 or send us a message online for more information. You can also check out our gallery to see more work we’ve done in your area!

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